These courses and topics were specifically crafted to educate and benefit all people, regardless of profession or education level, to raise their level of personal awareness and their competence in safety and security. The subject matter is current, timely and pertinent to current real-world safety and security concerns. The Execushield Mobile Training Team (EMTT) is a collection of our most talented and skilled instructors, and they are ready and able to bring the training to you. Whether you’re an individual, a group, a club, an association, a company, or a corporation, our instructor cadre can tailor our programs to bring their skills, their real world/real time security experiences, and their extensive educational back grounds using a medium which works best for you. We can customize our programs to “mix and match” subjects at your request to ensure the experience is fun, enjoyable, educational, and relevant. Our Personal Security courses can be presented in two, four and eight hour blocks allowing the client to customize their own learning experience. We can bring our mobile training (EMTT) capabilities to you, or you choose to join us at our new fully functional training facility in San Leandro. We have an interactive force option training simulator, multiple classrooms, a training lab, and facilities which can support 40+ students. Reach out to our staff at the Execushield Training Center for a consultation on how to customize our programs to fulfill your needs.

The Execushield Training Center can bring our public training programs to any location in the nation where there is a need. The Execushield Mobile Training Team (EMTT) instructors will work with our clients to customize a curriculum to fit their specific training needs.

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Execushield is a strong proponent of our nation’s veterans and our first responder communities. We offer a 15% discount for all honorably discharged veterans and honorably retired/resigned first responders.

These courses are specifically offered to target a broader range of students to include private citizens, community groups, business and corporate clients, as well as private security professionals and public safety-First Responders.

Execushield Training Center Individual Course Offerings

Critical Incident Response Class (8 hrs.)

Our Critical Incident Response class is an 8-hour class specifically designed to give the student the training and education to effectively communicate, cope with, and resolve critical or high stress incidents involving persons who are suffering from mental, emotional, or psychological issues. Each concept is reinforced through practical application in scenarios and/or instructor led interactive simulator exercises. These issues can be a result of developmental disabilities, traumatic injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute or prolonged narcotics use, or any number of conditions which require a trained, steady, and compassionate approach to resolving these situations effectively. Our goal is finding a solution which best serves everyone involved while reducing or eliminating the chances for trauma or injury to either the subject, the officer, or the client. This class is beneficial for anyone who finds themselves in situations involving delicate and skilled interpersonal communications skills.


Situational Awareness (8 hrs.)

This is an advanced 8-hour course of instruction for either the security professional, private citizen, employee, or employer participate in. The concepts which are presented and discussed in detail will assist students with their ability to keep themselves and those around them safe and secure. This is accomplished using subject matter experts, practical exercises, anecdotal examples, and proven tactics and techniques to improve situational awareness. We facilitate the learning process through fun and helpful training exercises, scenarios and/or instructor led interactive simulator exercises designed to sharpen and hone observation skills, mental analysis, and defensive responses to real world scenarios. This class is beneficial for anyone who finds themselves in situations involving delicate and skilled interpersonal communications skills.


Active Shooter (8 hrs.)

We live in a dangerous and unpredictable world. We have all watched with horror and disbelief at the death and carnage that an active shooter can accomplish in a shockingly short amount of time in places like movie theaters, court houses, entertainment events, and perhaps the most tragic circumstance, in our schools.

As terrifying and unpredictable as an active shooter scenario may be, there are ways you can prepare yourself and increase your chances to survive and even respond during the unthinkable. Our course instructors bring over a hundred years of combined service, training and experience in tactical training and crisis management from a wide range of backgrounds including specialized tactical law enforcement units, elite military Special Operations Groups, command level firefighting communities, and medical professionals with Doctorate levels of education. In addition to their extensive professional resumes, our course instructors are also certified specifically as instructors under the American Safety Health Institute’s AVERT Active Shooter Program.

In this 8-hour course of study, we will educate and train our private security officers as well as any law-abiding citizen how to identify, process, react and respond effectively in the event the unthinkable happens. This course will help the student prevent, stop, or at least minimize the damage caused by any individual determined to harm or kill others. The tactics and techniques we present are taught by seasoned operators and professional law enforcement officers with years of skill, training, and experience dealing with the most violent predators within our society.


Officer Survival (8 hrs.)

The duties of a security professional include protecting and serving the health and well-being of their clients, their property, and the public during their watch. These duties may require a security officer to either contact or confront people who may wish to do them or others harm. This 8-hour course of instruction will help prepare the security professional to defend and keep safe themselves, their teammates, and their clients in the event they are confronted by a violent or combative subject. This intensive course of instruction will include understanding situational awareness techniques, identifying threatening or confrontational speech and communication, reading dangerous or aggressive body language, maintaining a high condition of alert readiness, and responding to a physical threat which is intended to endanger the officer or others. However, the most important and vital skill set we will teach is the concept of tactful conversational techniques, diplomacy, and proven de-escalation techniques designed to verbally disarm and minimize the danger using effective communications to avoid a physical confrontation all together.



For the instructor cadre at Execushield Inc., the vision of building a training facility extended far beyond simply opening a school for people to earn certifications; We subscribe to the idea that in training, “We practice how we play.” Our collective belief is that we may teach that one critical tactic, that one security concept, or that one special technique which can make the difference between our clients going home safely to their families, or them suffering a tragedy or misfortune in an unpredictable and uncertain world. Our instructors teach real world scenarios by converting their own service, sacrifice, training, and experience into an educational format where our clients are the beneficiaries of all their impressive collective skill sets.


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