Founded in 2001, as a private California Corporation based in San Francisco, Execushield, Inc. has made a positive difference in both the private and public sector. We are a firm devoted to social justice.

It has a proven past performance reflecting a high degree of competency in work conducted in 4 continents which includes high risk protection details and involves coordination with foreign law enforcement agencies and militaries.

Although Execushield has a proven track record in personal protection, it has built a reputation of integrity and successful delivery of services. In summary, our stringent pre-employment screening, training, and leadership have made our operations highly successful and have brought peace and safety to all locations we are called upon to serve, even high-crime areas. We are principal driven and adhere tightly to our motto of  “Protecting Life. Enforcing Peace.”


Executive Protection

We provide a protection tailored to every client, and promise a level of confidentiality that extends beyond the established start and termination of duty.

Guard Services

Multi-tiered Consulting Programs & Assessments

Military & Inter-agency specialties

With both organic staff and strategic partners, Execushield can offer training and consulting at all levels:  tactical, operational and strategic. 

Maritime Security

Execushield, Inc. is specialized in delivering innovative maritime security solutions for the private, commercial, military, cruise and offshore sectors. 

Training Solutions

Execushield, Inc. offers a full spectrum of classes from basic pistol and long gun (shotgun, carbine) to intermediate tactics and scenario driven live fire.


Execushield, Inc. ensures quality and reliability by providing nationally recognized polygraphists from federal and law enforcement agencies.

Urban Crime Reduction

We develop crime prevention strategies that target changes in community infrastructure, culture and environment in order to reduce crime.

Advanced Security Technologies

We provide advanced security technologies for fully automated response and situational awareness that will provide new capabilities for security and reduce costs.


Execushield, Inc., led by CEO, Daniel Gonzalez, adheres to its most fundamental core value of integrity.  While others pursue rapid growth and high profits, Execushield only takes on work which will adhere to its strict standards for ethic. 

Execushield is not your typical contractor.  Major contractors are driven with a profit incentive and are accountable to their share holders.  While they may develop products suited to a customer’s requirements, they must still perform with a bottom line in mind and leverage existing work into continued growth work.

As a “boutique” security solutions provider, Execushield offers a personal-level of attention to work with the customer to deliver exactly what the customer needs - not cookie-cutter solutions. 

Our goal is to build a partnership with the customer to create a holistic solution and eventually work our way out of a job because the customer has fully developed and implemented its capability. 

Our standards are high, so our pool of elite professionals are high demand, low density—we must ensure customer solutions are highest quality and maximum effect.  In the past, we have offered pro bono training to government agencies and in the URBAN SHIELD series of exercises and with encouragement from our past training audiences, we can now offer this on demand to the customer.

As a transparent partner with our customer, the customer can always see exactly what is being paid for.  The customer won’t be paying for executive business-class travel and 5-star accommodations. Overhead is minimized so that the customer gets the maximum value for its resources.

There is no customer too small for us and solutions can be tailored to provide the best value for the customer.  We don’t provide the “American-only” solution and leverage from the diversity of our staff and partners to provide the best possible solutions for the customer’s resources. Execushield can take a truly Interagency, Coalition and Joint perspective in providing holistic solutions.