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Enforcing Peace.

Licenses: PPO #14513 / TFB #1378 / TFF #1596

Basic Exposed Firearms Course for Security Professionals Certification (16 hrs)

This course is designed to meet the basic requirements for individuals to achieve their Exposed Firearms Qualifications in accordance BSIS requirements for armed security officers. A valid Basic Guard Card, proof of citizenship, or legal residency are required to participate in this class.

NOTE: This is not an introductory course. Prior firearms familiarization is strongly recommended to successfully complete the live fire qualification for this course.  (Please see our Basic Firearms for Armed Professionals (B-PAP) Course for more information.)

Day 1: Classroom: Legal and moral aspects regarding the use of force, criminal vs. civil liability, the Force Continuum, de-escalation techniques, tactical decision making, basic firearms safety and familiarization, and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Day 2: Classroom/Range: Coached Dry-practice, live fire range training and qualification.

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