Protecting Life.

Enforcing Peace.

Licenses: PPO #14513 / TFB #1378 / TFF #1596

The Comprehensive Armed Security Guard (40 hrs)

This is a comprehensive, in-house 1 week course (5 days) designed to provide the new private patrol operator with all the necessary training and certifications to enter the private security industry as a FULLY qualified Armed Security Officer. Range fees included with the price of the course.  

Day 1 Basic Guard card class

Day 2 Basic Baton class

Day 3 Handcuffing and Chemical Agent class

Day 4 Classroom: Legal and moral aspects regarding the use of force, criminal vs. civil Liability, the Force Continuum, de-escalation techniques, tactical decision making, basic firearms safety and familiarization, and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Day 5 Classroom/Range: Coached Dry-practice, live fire range training and qualification.

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