These professional security courses of study range from improving and sharpening fundamental skill sets to preparing our students for the worst-case real-world scenarios we watch and read about in the news and on social media.

The Execushield Training Center can bring our public training programs to any location in the nation where there is a need. The Execushield Mobile Training Team (EMTT) instructors will work with our clients to customize a curriculum to fit their specific training needs.

Protecting Life.

Enforcing Peace.

Licenses: PPO #14513 / TFB #1378 / TFF #1596

Execushield is a strong proponent of our nation’s veterans and our first responder communities. We offer a 15% discount for all honorably discharged veterans and honorably retired/resigned first responders.

These courses are specifically offered for the individual interested in pursuing or improving their professional development in the field of worst-case real-world scenarios.

Execushield Training Center Individual Course Offerings

Basic Pistol for the Armed Professional

This course was crafted to educate, familiarize and develop competence for the novice or beginner firearms student seeking training as a security professional. For the individual desiring to increase their professional development in the security industry, this course is an excellent preparatory class for your BSIS certification for Exposed Firearms. This two-day class will help the security officer hone their skills in areas such as firearms familiarization, civil liability and legal aspects of professional security officer firearms carry, pistol nomenclature, safe and proper weapons manipulation, stance, grip, aiming/sight picture, carry/holster familiarization, and fundamentals of firearms and ammunition. Range fees included with the price of the course.

$250 for Basic Pistol for Armed Professional course.

* Pre purchases and online registration of all classes will guarantee enrollment in that class.

Intermediate Pistol for the Armed Professional

This course of study is for the armed security professional or professional law enforcement officer to sharpen and hone their basic skills, increase their skill sets to the next level, and increase their judgement, safety and proficiency as armed professionals. We train in advanced tactics such as tactical movements, tactical firearm techniques, target and threat identification shooting on the move, and advanced conceal carrying tactics.

Advanced Pistol for the Armed Professional

This course of advanced tactics is for the highly trained and highly experienced armed professional. Our team of extensively skilled and highly knowledgeable instructors received their training and “real world” tactical experience in such organizations as law enforcement SWAT/Special Response Teams as well as the U.S. military’s Special Forces community. Our instructor/operators have experience training in the most current tactics and weapons and in advanced techniques such as Close Quarter Battle, Active Shooter, Officer Survival and Advanced Patrol Techniques among many others. Whatever your current skill level is, you’ll leave our classes sharper, smother, more proficient and better prepared than you were.


For the instructor cadre at Execushield Inc., the vision of building a training facility extended far beyond simply opening a school for people to earn certifications; We subscribe to the idea that in training, “We practice how we play.” Our collective belief is that we may teach that one critical tactic, that one security concept, or that one special technique which can make the difference between our clients going home safely to their families, or them suffering a tragedy or misfortune in an unpredictable and uncertain world. Our instructors teach real world scenarios by converting their own service, sacrifice, training, and experience into an educational format where our clients are the beneficiaries of all their impressive collective skill sets.


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