Execushield, Inc. is a San Francisco based corporation formed in 2001, specializing in security solutions and private patrol services.

Our officers serve in various capacities with duties ranging from unarmed site security to armed executive protection assignments.

Execushield, Inc. adheres to its most fundamental core value of integrity.

While others pursue rapid growth and high profits, Execushield only takes on work which will adhere to its strict ethical standard.

Furthermore, from a altruistic position of compassion and love, we pay it forward by heavily donating to charitable humanitarian, animal, and environmental causes with the objective of easing suffering.

Guard services
Executive protection
Training solutions
Maritime security
Military & inter agency specialties
Live scan fingerprinting

Urban Shield

We are the only private firm that hosted/executed scenarios at the Urban Shield 2012, 2014, & 2017.

Why Execushield is your needed solution

We are honest


We expect to be held to the highest standard

and we know that we are only as good as our last day

We strongly believe in the dignity

of our employees and strive to show this respect by providing them leadership that is professional, competent, fair, and compassionate. We are responsive to our officers’ welfare and morale.

We are locally based

and have extensive resources in california built over many years of working with private and government sectors.

We have a strong relationship with local state & federal law enforcement

We were the only private sector firm allowed to fully run training sites for urban shield (2012 hostage rescue/angel island), 2014 raid on terrorist camp-boat insertion/sunol reservoir), and 2017 officer extraction-boat insertion/sunol reservoir).

We have our own training division

where we train our officers internally to our standard

We provide maritime security

Execushield has been the chosen vendor to provide the anti terrorism force protection (atfp) for united states navy ships and foreign vessels. We have small boats if needed to be deployed to support maritime security operations.

We will customize customers solution

post orders paying attention to detail to our client’s needs and ensure that our officers are fully briefed.

We believe in and strongly practice customer service

and will treat all with dignity, respect, compassion, competency, and professionalism.

We are forward thinkers

and will work with our clients to ensure that we are a step ahead of their needs…all based on integrity.

“We provide protection in high risk areas internationally that involve coordination with foreign law enforcement agencies and militaries.”

Certifications & Affiliations

Execushield proudly holds the following certifications and affiliations
gsa schedule
california small business
supplier clearing house
dbe certified
san francisco city seal
sba certified
american red cross
ncmsdc certified
asis international
california chamber
chamber of commerce san francisco