Individuals and organizations face considerable challenges that may involve internal economic loss, or the need to establish one’s credibility in issues under investigation. Computerized polygraph examinations are utilized for a variety of reasons, both in civil and criminal related cases.  In all instances, this should be done by professionals with the proper credentials and organizational memberships. ExecuShield IS the right company whose experienced professionals meet these criteria, and who have both law enforcement and/or other government experience, as well as private sector issue resolution.

Execushield, Inc. ensures quality and reliability by conducting testing by assuring that every polygraph conforms with industry standards.  Many law enforcement agencies, law firms and private parties to date have chosen Execushield, Inc. to conduct their polygraph services.


  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Equal Opportunity Matters
  • Sexual Harassment Issues
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Investigations


  • CV’s and resumes provided upon request.
  • Have experience in the Law Enforcement and Federal Intelligence communities.
  • Have trained such agencies or have polygraph experience in:
    • Middle East: Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, etc.
    • Latin America: Mexico, Columbia, Peru, etc.
    • Asia / Pacific: Philippines, Malaysia, S. Korea, etc.
    • Eastern Europe: Slovakia, and other newer NATO nations


Specific Issue Testing:is oriented toward resolving both criminal and civil cases of interest to Attorneys, Law Enforcement agencies, or Private individuals. We use only professional industry formats that have associated validity and reliability studies for highest accuracy results. We conduct both Hand Scoring, as well as Computer Scoring Algorithm products.

Pre-Employment Screening: We conduct law enforcement pre-employment testing in conjunction with assigned background investigators. Certain other industries also have an exception under the law who may utilize this screening tool as exemplified in the 1988 EPPA act.

Polygraph Course Training: ExecuShield Polygraph Examiners have served in consulting and training capacities for approved allied foreign governments in establishing effective polygraph units. We have trained and have Polygraph experience in:

  • Middle East:  Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, etc.
  • Latin America:  Mexico, Columbia, Peru, etc.
  • Asia / Pacific:  Philippines, Malaysia, S. Korea, etc.
  • Eastern Europe:  Slovakia, and other newer NATO nations

 *CV’s and resumes provided upon request.


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