We understand security

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security. As the leading provider of security guard services in the Bay Area, Execushield takes the time to understand the unique security needs of each client. Our experienced management and security officers have all the tools and knowledge to protect your people, property, and assets. Our proactive approach and efficiency of operations means savings from which we can pay higher wages than other area providers – retaining the Bay Area’s best quality professionals.
The need for security has become an inevitable part of today’s challenging times. All our security officer teams are backed by the right tools and knowledge to monitor and protect people and property against theft, vandalism, and criminal activity. This way you can breathe easy and focus on more important tasks at hand.

Industries served

No matter what your need or what kind of industry you’re in, our security officer services can give you the best possible protection.

Commercial property security

Hospitality security

Residential property security

Maritime security

Industrial security

We are licensed and Insured Private Patrol Operator License #14513

When it comes to licensed and vetted security officer services in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can’t have a better team. We can assist your organization with training and supervising your own security personnel with our range of classes from firearms to intermediate tactics and simulator scenario-driven live fire.

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Execushield guard app

We enable easy and efficient monitoring to ensure guard services are provided at the right time and place.

Gps tracking & dispatch

We can pinpoint the exact location of our on-duty security officers on post sites during a specified time frame.

Geo fencing

We can define with our client, the areas where our security officers should move within at post sites.

Guided site tours

Allows our security officers to conduct site tours using qr location tags to make sure we cover client priorities.

Client satisfaction

Digitally managing security officer workforce allows us to streamline operations and make any requested adjustments to ensure our clients are satisfied.

security guard app

Incident/activity reports

Reports can be customized to streamline communications between all stakeholders.

Post order management

Clearly defined post orders from the app so security officers know what needs to be done on each site.

Visitor management

Streamline details of visitor check-in and check-out of post sites.

Deliver quality

Metrics from the guard app enable us to collaborate with clients for improvements on security officer performance.