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The Execushield Training Center (ETC) is one of the only commercially operated safety and security training facilities to offer the TI Trainer® Interactive Force Option Simulator. The TI Trainer is a fully immersive and interactive training experience. Our simulator allows our clients and students the ability to place themselves in real world, high stress situations, under the watchful guidance of our expert instructors, to recreate the stress and tension of crisis situations in a safe training environment.

This allows our clients to experience, analyze, strategize, and safely rehearse the best possible responses in crisis situations. This all happens in a safe and carefully structured training environment allowing our clients the opportunity to “rehearse” a crisis response and to train repeatedly until the highest possibility of a peaceful resolution becomes second nature.

Benefits and features of the force option simulator

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    We have the BSIS approved and certified Exposed Firearms Re-qualification Course to allow professional private security officers to practice and maintain their annual certifications in accordance with California BSIS standards.

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    The TI Trainer is a mobile technology which allows our ETC Mobile Training Team to bring the training to your department, corporation, or organization for in-house training.

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    There are hundreds of training scenarios to choose from allowing us to customize your training needs and experience to better serve you and your teams.

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For more information on the TI Trainer please contact our professional staff at the Execushield Training Center
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