Tailored to each client’s requests

Execushield provides executive protection services to high net worth/profile individuals and their property. We offer a range of security measures from licensed personal bodyguards to intelligence liaisons and transportation escorts.
Our dedicated officers are highly trained, well-vetted, and supported by the latest technologies in the security industry. This enables us to provide you with maximum protection and efficiency for your peace of mind.
High-risk Personal Protection
Secure Transportation

Our approach


We customize every assignment based on actual needs of client


We effectively assist in resolving our clients’ needs with assistance from international resources/support based on years of strongly built relationships

Agent requirements

Stringent pre-employment screening

Willingness to abide by our strict honor code


Discreet and can be trusted with sensitive information

Custom VIP security

Our VIP protection services in the Bay Area feature advanced security measures, dependable personnel, cutting-edge technologies, and a client-focused service.

Dedicated security professionals

Our executive security services will enable you to go about your day-to-day business as safely as possible.
Highly trained personnel

Our stringent pre-employment screening and training ensure each of our protection specialists are equipped with the right resources to protect your specific industry.

Custom security

Build custom operations and deploy security operatives that match your specific needs.

24-hour customer service

Our proactive 24-hour response team is always on standby to answer your questions and provide you with custom security solutions.